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Type of project:
Branding / Identity design
My role:
Design lead

Defining the brand foundations and purpose of a water marbling business.

Itzart is a business based in Cancún, Mexico that provides a space in boutique hotels in which guests can learn to create pieces of clothing using a Japanese water marbling technique called Suminagashi.

The challenge.

Alicia, the woman behind Itzart wanted to detect opportunity areas and unmet needs in the hotel industry to see if her idea  would have a good fit to market. She wanted to build a brand that could invite and inspire others to share a unique and fun experience during the time people spend inside hotels.


Project goals.


Detect market opportunities for the brand.


Define brand promise and attributes.


Design brand identity.

Research methods.

We planned a 2 week qualitative research in Cancún in which we made observations and contextual interviews with tourists, locals and some hotel managers. The objective was to gain insights on which were some of the biggest pain points during the stay at different hotels.

User interviews

User observations

Defining customer profiles

Concept testing

Research outcomes.

After speaking with several people staying at different types of hotels, there was an opportunity for Alicia's idea. For women between 45 to 60 years old, after spending from 2 - 3 days at the hotel, the experience starts to turn monotonous although they have access to amenities such as the pool, private beach, food court and bar service.

What they really want is to have more activities to do in the hotel during downtime in which their couples usually prefer to sleep or rest near the pool or the beach.

The brand.

The slogan "Made by you, made for you" is one of the main foundations of the brand, the concept behind it is that people can learn a new and fun technique, interact and share that moment with others and take their own creations back home, sharing their experience with their loved ones or even used it as a souvenir that can trigger a conversation and memory related to the experience with the brand.

Visual design.

We wanted to create a simple visual identity that people could understand with a simple color palette and a minimal style to make contrast with photos and imagery of the activities and products made by hotel guests.

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