Defining the design foundations of a Mexican brand that focuses on providing relaxing and memorable experiences through water marbling techniques.

Itzart is a business based in Cancún, Mexico that offers a unique service and entertainment experience for natives and tourists, providing a space in which they can learn to create custom pieces of clothing using water marbling techniques.

The challenge

Alicia, the woman behind this idea came with the challenge of creating a brand that could invite and inspire people to trust their inner creativity through a fun learning experience.

The solution

Designed a minimal and strong brand personality that revolves around it's promise turned into their slogan - "Made by you, made for you" as one of the main foundations of the brand.


The objective was to create a minimal brand with an inspiring message, taking into account the belief of it's founder that the brand must be like an "elegant blank canvas" that invites people to use it to create anything they want and share it with others.

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