An easy way to find the perfect place to live and the ideal roomie to share the expenses.

The concept behind Roomate came when Carlos, the man behind this idea, was having a hard time trying to find a nice place to live in Monterrey, Mexico. He had a bad experience with his previous roomie, he lived with some guy that was always partying, and Carlos at that time was an MBA student with a small budget to barely pay the rent and having to deal with extreme noises and drunk people almost everyday.

The challenge

For people with small budgets such as students or early professionals one of the most important things they care about when searching for a place to rent, is to look for someone else with whom they can split expenses such as rent, maintenance, general services, and the belief that what matters most is whom you live to be confident enough to call that new place, home.

The solution

The design concept was a digital product that would let people signed in and share information about what their interests and expectations are in terms of where they would want to live and the kind of people they would like to share that place.

The platform would select a list of places and people that are looking for the same kind of things, and recommend those to the user.


The UI needed to be as simple as possible, with the most important information always visible so that users won't miss any detail when signing up to the platform or when searching for the perfect fit for them.

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Conversation screens
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