Designing an elegant and engaging shopping experience through Fender's mobile website.

For many musicians, from amateur to professional players, online shopping has become the preferred way of shopping due to convenience and easiness. One of the main problems with buying instruments online is that most brands websites don’t let you buy from their own site, as well as not providing pricing information, only technical details about their products, forcing people to search and compare prices in other online or physical stores.

The challenge

The main question for this project was; how could one of the most important guitar brands such as Fender could provide a great shopping experience through its mobile website?

The solution

Designing Fender’s e-commerce platform is based providing an engaging experience that lets people have an easy and simple way of navigating through the brand’s products.

So, what better than to take advantage of Fender’s legacy to offer their own digital shopping experience and boost their online presence.


The design of the UI still keeps the actual look & feel of Fender's brand identity. This design decision was to make a simple but intuitive modal interface in which users could be familiar with some common gestures such as swiping through cards and filters, making it easy to access different options in a dynamic way.

UI Screens
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Product catalogue & filters
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